Monday, 23 November 2015

Such a long time

its been such a long time since I have posted anything here, put it down to a VERY busy year. So I will do a bit of a catch up.

                                      views of the beautiful Murray River from our houseboat

Australian Print Triennial  Mildura 29th October / 1st November
Much to my delight I was invited to give a demonstration on my process of plaster printmaking. what a fantastic event it was, tremendously well organised, an excellent
range of presentations, wonderful hospitality and a fabulous opportunity to meet with so many printmakers. I can't rate this event highly enough, put my name down for the next one!
But of course a lot of time was spent prior to the event preparing examples to take with me. This posed a bit of a problem as most of my work is large and the weight made it impossible to carry on the plane. so the answer ...create a selection of mini works that illustrated various techniques. The images below are a sample of what I demonstrated.

plaster printmaking samples
My work "Walking the dog, Vines" was also shortlisted for  Mildura Print Prize exhibition,  the selector Sasha Grishin,

Thinking of Place
I am part of this exhibition  the New Zealand end has been organized by Prue Macdougall and Delwyn Holder which involves 60 printmakers from North and South Island in New Zealand the Goldfields and Melbourne printmakers groups and Inkmasters , Cairns Australia. the print  "Faultlines" I submitted is a collograph and emboss referencing the 1931 Napier earthquake

 Common Ground
In August Auckland printmaker Jacqueline Aust  and I had a joint exhibition at the Art Vault Mildura, an amazing art gallery, residency space in the middle of nowhere  on the NSW, VIC border in Australia, quite an experience
been a really busy year for workshops at both schools and with adult groups, all wonderful participants and I have had a fabulous time. I always come away from a workshop I have taught feeling I have gained as much from the students as they have from me, so just a few images from these classes.
Primary and intermediate workshops
The workshops were over several days the children were working with found materials constructing artists books and creating prints to be hung, using offset printing techniques, chine colle, and the most fun of all burning holes! this is a selection from several school programmes.






Adult Workshops
and just a brief selection of students work from some of the adult workshops I have taught. I feel I have really travelled the country this year teaching workshops from the bottom of the South Island to middle of the North Island, so much fun, so rewarding.
The workshops have used a wide range of techniques that explore texture and markmaking, upcycling old prints, using stencilling, monoprint, chine colle and a range of mediums not usually associated with traditional printmaking to create multi medium prints.






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  1. I can't wait to attend your workshop at Sonya's studio at Pt Elliot!